mitt i bland / unga på landsbygden

Look! Tour plan for the project Ung Kultur Utmanar Urban Norm / Young Culture Challenges Urban Norm is now launched and set! My art work ”värdering av en hel cykel” will be shown together with six other works in all these places. Today the exhibition will be shown in Emmaboda and during the summer travel through Sweden. Follow the exhibition’s instagram and look at Unga på Landsbygden’s facebook for more information! I will be on place in Oskarström 17-18 juni if you want to have a chat with me, too :—)


Oh, forgot to tell you! I had a great time making this distant collaboration some weeks ago, with one of my total favourites: Maika Garnica!!  We made couples out of felt and clay, visible during Antwerp Art Weekend at Pink House, Italiëlei 63, 2000 Antwerp, together with works from Ersi VarveriGijs Waterschoot, Panos MvrgnsMathias MU, Frederik Lizen, Lydia Debeer and Timo Van Grinsven.


cool selfie with jewelry pieces

Making fast pieces every day now, for the Young Culture Challanges The Urban Norm -project. A whole bike will become a (large numbered) series of jewellery pieces. Fun cause the range of materials and speed work, and at the same time hell annoying – very tired of rusty screws…

ring of power, i wear wip: gigant & blob upcomin necklace

Ung kultur utmanar den urbana normen

This spring working with Unga på Landsbygden! I was (among 7 others, see map below^^) chosen to make an artwork for their project Ung Kultur Utmanar den Urbana Normen / Rural Artists Challenging the Urban Norm! It will be shown in a group exhibition touring this summer. Tour dates coming later! They made interviews with all the participating artists, read mine here (in Swedish)!

A LA BASE l’ornement est…


My work ”Några försök att förlänga livet” in a show in France, 26.11.-4.12.2016! It’s shown together with works by Elvire Blanc Briand (Limoges) and Marine Chevanse (Strasbourg).
Vernissage 30 nov kl 18:30. Where? 8 rue Adrien Dubouché, Limoges, France!


_dsc0207     _dsc0222



Oho! Have had some problems with homepage, I couldn’t log in for many months.. but now finally!!
Thanks to great webmaster Patrik Ljungman :)<3

I just came back to Finland after a great month spent at the ENSA school in Limoges, France.
I went there since I got an invitation to come to work in their new jewellery studio,
a super nice space and good environment working with the other students over there.

There I worked on a series of needles, a series that will be shown in the 5000m2 exhibition in Lappeenranta.
The show is on 13.2. – 27.3.2016., and the grand opening is on this (!) Friday 12.2., 18:00-20:00.

Very much welcome!!!

some needles from the healing series

some needles from the healing series

graduation & klimt02

I have graduated! I got my bachelor in fine arts from Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in end of May this year.
Next happy news is that my work is shown at klimt02, wow, so happy for that! They were showing graduated students from different schools around the world during June & July. Read my & my teacher’s text on my thesis work here: klimt02 – selected graduates 2015 … where is also photos of my work. The written part of my thesis will be online soon too, but only in original language = Swedish.

too old teaser

Lite teaser-film från arbetet med Några försök att förlänga livet, mitt examensarbete. Det visas NU på imatras konstmuseum, 8/5-25/5 2015. Välkomna : ) // Some teaser-clips from the making of Attemps to extend life – my thesis work. It’s shown NOW at Imatra Art Museum, 8.-25.5. 2015. Welcome! :)


annie wah

annie wah

i detta nu ser det ut såhär… porslin, trä och tvål. sysslar så. det är mitt slutarbete, som jag gör på tema skörhet och omhändertagande. det visas på Saimaan AMK:s examensutställning på Imatras Konstmuseum, vernissage 8.5.!
// in this moment it’s looking like this… porcelaine, wood and soap. making. it’s my bachelor thesis, that i’m doing on theme of fragility and nurturing. it’ll be shown at final work exhibition of Saimaan AMK in Imatra Art Museum, opening 8th of May!

skisserna & valen

hejsan nu har jag skissat o haft i två månader. hemsida ouppdaterande… nåja, här är två grupper bland skisserna, jag funderar o väljer. det gör lite ont. igår valde jag mig ett steg framåt mot tydligare MÅLBILD ha ha. detta av ett bra prat med tarja tuupanen jag hade i förrgår. // helu now i’ve been sketching and so on for two months. not updating homepage… well, here’s two groups among some of the sketches, i’m thinking and choosing. hurts a bit. yesterday i chose myself one step closer to a clearer goal. a lot thanks to a good talk with tarja tuupanen i had the day before yesterday.

annie wah - omhändertagande
annie wah - omhändertagande