Oho! Have had some problems with homepage, I couldn’t log in for many months.. but now finally!!
Thanks to great webmaster Patrik Ljungman :)<3

I just came back to Finland after a great month spent at the ENSA school in Limoges, France.
I went there since I got an invitation to come to work in their new jewellery studio,
a super nice space and good environment working with the other students over there.

There I worked on a series of needles, a series that will be shown in the 5000m2 exhibition in Lappeenranta.
The show is on 13.2. – 27.3.2016., and the grand opening is on this (!) Friday 12.2., 18:00-20:00.

Very much welcome!!!

some needles from the healing series

some needles from the healing series

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