annie wah letarannie wah har sönder

försöker o letar osv, snabbt. tar sönder o tar nästan sönder o gör så nära sönder jag kan. // trying and looking and so on, fast. breaking and almost breaking and making as close to broken i can.

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  1. Milly skriver:

    Wow! What an awesome experience, Mark. Thanks for sharing it, and bringing a sense of reality, both beautiful and painful to us often spoiled & snarky iocsetsmaniaca.[Prrfent timing and much needed counterbalance to the selfishness & consumeristic ”glitter” of the holiday season here in the US, actually.]You rock as usual! Did you take the photo?

  2. At last, someone comes up with the ”right” answer!

  3. Greetings Blessing,Suggest contacting a designer to help you. Or you can create a complimentary background 180 x 540 pixels and place your picture on that. If you need a referral to a good designer, let me know via

  4. I have so many books from CK I can’t even count them. My favorite is always the most recent. For me that is “50 Moments..”. Why would you not love it. Let’s just begin with the cover. How inviting. You see the loving and playful relationship between Lisa and Sage. And on each page you experience life visually and emotionally through words and pictures. Wow!